A Woman’s Guide to Buying Sunglasses

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Sunglasses protect the eyes while also serving as a fashion accessory. When the time comes to buy a fresh pair of sunglasses, how should a woman go about choosing a pair that offers the protection she needs while making her look good at the same time? Women must consider certain factors when purchasing new sunglasses.

UV Protection
Sunglasses function to protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light and reduce the risk of vision being damaged. In addition, the shades boost the wearer’s optical clarity when conditions are bright. People need to wear this protection when driving in bright weather, engaging in snow sports, or taking part in water activities. Look for glasses that offer 100 percent UV protection, as the UV rays emitted by the sun can bring about macular degeneration, cancer of the eye, and cataracts. Sunglasses purchased at Filly Flair help to protect the eyes from these issues and allow the woman to look great, whether she wears a fancy lace dress or a cute romper.

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UVA rays account for most UV radiation that makes it to Earth. They never vary in intensity, regardless of the time of year, and they remain significantly more prevalent than UVB rays. While they are less intense than UVB rays, research shows they contribute to photoaging and the development of skin cancer. In addition, these rays play a role in the development of cataracts in some people.

UVB rays, in contrast, remain the primary cause of cancer and sunburns, due in part to their intensity, and they can damage the eyes. While these rays vary in intensity depending on the season, they cause sunburns, skin damage, and harm to the eyes year-round. For instance, most people associate these rays with the dog days of summer and avoid spending time outside during the hours of 10 am and 4 pm when they are the most intense. They don’t take the same precautions when engaging in snow sports, not realizing snow amplifies the effects of the rays. They harm their eyes or their skin they if don’t use protection when outside during the winter months.

Frame Size
Once they determine the sunglasses offer the desired level of protection, women need to take frame size into consideration next. Face size plays a significant role in the frame size they should select. Small faces require small frames, but women must understand frame size means the actual fit of the glasses, not the coverage area. When comparing glasses, look for three numbers written consecutively, as these numbers provide information about the eye size, bridge size, and temple size.

The eye size refers to the horizontal measurement between the inside and the outside edge of one lens. Most lenses come in widths of 40-62 mm. The bridge number provides information on the distance between the two lenses, with typical widths ranging from 14 to 24 mm. Finally, the temple size tells the consumer how long the arm or earpiece is, and typical lengths run from 120 to 150 mm.

Frame Material
The frame material influences the wearer’s satisfaction with the glasses. The right frame material ensures the glasses are safe, comfortable, and functional. Each material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages women must be aware of.
Metal frames remain common in sunglasses, as metal resists corrosion, is malleable, and can easily be adjusted. This ensures manufacturers can make frames to fit many face shapes. However, metal frames cost more, they don’t last as long as frames made from other materials, and people shouldn’t wear them when engaging in contact sports.

Athletes and those who engage in performance activities need to consider investing in nylon frame sunglasses. They resist stress from temperature fluctuations and are very flexible while still providing the stiffness needed for safety reasons. These frames are reasonably priced, they are lightweight and won’t interfere with sports performance, and they are stronger than metal frame sunglasses.

Higher-end sunglasses often come with titanium frames, which are scratch-resistant, durable, and more expensive than several other options. Plastic frames come in polyurethane, acrylic, and many other materials. They are the cheapest sunglasses offered today and are great for those who frequently lose their sunglasses or don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Frames made of acetate share many characteristics with plastic frames, but are stronger and more flexible. In addition, they are lighter, which many prefer. Consumers find they have a range of colors and textures to choose from, and the color comes embedded in the material, which means the glasses look better longer.

Finally, individuals wanting to impact resistant sunglasses turn to polycarbonate frames. Safety and sports glasses come in polycarbonate, as the plastic is tough and versatile. Nevertheless, these frames lack flexibility and are very rigid.

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Lens Material
Women looking to purchase sunglasses need to compare the different lens materials available today to discover the one most appropriate for their needs. Optical glass lenses provide distortion-free vision as the lenses are ground and polished to precise standards. These lenses resist scratches and are very durable. Nevertheless, expect to pay more for lenses of this type with the knowledge any impact to the lens could lead it to spider or break. This concerns those women who wish to wear sunglasses while playing a sport or engaging in physical activity.

Acrylic sunglasses lenses help keep the price of glasses down for the average consumer. Fashion and casual sunglasses typically come with these lenses, although some make use of another lens material. Acrylic lenses hold up with time, and wearers don’t have to sacrifice optical clarity to get sunglasses at a great price.

Active people and athletes need to invest in polycarbonate plastic lenses. Virtually indestructible, these lenses come from a material similar to that used in aircraft windshields. The light and scratch-resistant material provide optical clarity while being significantly more impact resistant than optical glass. Distortion is never an issue with these lenses either.

Finally, consider NXT polyurethane lenses for your sunglasses if you want the benefit of optical glass combined with the performance capabilities of polycarbonate. Consumers pay more for these benefits, and quite a few ladies state they are worth the additional funds. The Trivex used to make the lenses offer outstanding optical clarity and yet the lenses are extremely lightweight.

Take the above into consideration when you go to purchase your next sunglasses. Although women want to look their best at all times, protection from the sun must remain the top priority when purchasing this accessory. Ladies who take all factors into consideration when making a purchase find they get sunglasses they love and want to wear daily while protecting their vision at the same time.

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