7 Key Elements of Dressing for Success

Although your choice of clothing might seem like a small factor in the larger scheme of your professional life, making a winning impression with your wardrobe is more important than you think. When we dress up it makes us feel good, and when we feel good, we are more confident and perform better.

Or, as Betty Harragan, the author of “Games Mother Never Taught You” tells us “If your clothes don’t convey the message that you are competent, able, ambitious, self-confident, reliable and authoritative, nothing you say or do will overcome the negative signals emanating from your apparel.”

If you are even the slightest bit ambitious, you’ll want your wardrobe to work positively in your favour and make you look impeccable. You’ve probably heard this piece of advice before, but how does someone follow it? Here are the 7 key elements that can help you dress for success and always look sharp.

1. Only Buy and Wear What Fits
Of all the style sins out there, wearing badly fitting clothes is probably the worst. Nothing can make or break your outfits like the fit. When it comes to looking good, it’s not your size or shape that matters, it’s the fit of your clothes.

It doesn’t matter how expensive an item is or how well it is made, if it doesn’t fit, it will never look good. And sadly, you won’t feel good in it, either.

It is easy to tell when something doesn’t fit properly. The buttons on your shirt are pulling, the sleeves are either too long or too short, the pants keep riding up. There is constriction or perhaps a sense of shapelessness. But above all, there is a feeling of all around discomfort.

Properly fitting clothes feel comfortable and drape over your body without stretching or billowing. They complement your silhouette and proportions and give your outfit a stylish edge.

Additionally, well-fitting clothes celebrate who you are, help lift your mood, set the emotional scene for success, and project confidence to others around you.

2. Learn the Marks of Quality
Wearing quality clothing is paramount to dressing for success.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can spot better quality clothing. The material clothing is made of, the workmanship, and the trims usually give a pretty good idea of the garment’s quality.

Quality clothes are often made with natural fibres like cotton, wool, and silk. Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester actually contain plastic. They look cheaper and feel rougher against the skin, too.

However, the quality of natural fabrics like cotton also varies. In order to figure out what grade of cotton something is made of is to see how it fares when held against the light. Fabric with a higher thread count will let less light through suggesting it is of better quality.

Additionally, quality fabrics feel smooth and soft to the touch and become even softer after being washed.

As for workmanship, look for loose threads and uneven seams that are tell-tale signs of low quality. On the other hand, closely stitched and reinforced buttonholes are signs of good workmanship. If there is a pattern, look at the seams of the garment to make sure that the pattern lines up.

Trims include all the little things that go into your garment such as buttons, zippers, or decorative embellishments. Inspect how well the buttons and zippers match with the main fabric. The addition of extra thread and a button is a sign of quality.

3. Invest in High-Quality, Well-Made Basics
A capsule wardrobe containing high-quality, well-made basics is a must for an elegant and classy look. These items stand the test of time because they never lose their appeal. If you have great basics like for instance a classic blazer, a few dress shirts and well-fitting pants to build on, you will always have something to wear when dressing for success.

When it comes to wardrobe basics, it is always worth to invest in quality because quality clothes actually look better and, by the laws of cost per wear theory, also last longer. Quality shows. Superior craftsmanship tends to exude sophistication and elevates every outfit every time.

Which basics to invest in depends on taste and personal preferences. For me, personally, having a nice collection of dress shirts is the key to creating signature looks that not only fit perfectly with each occasion, but are also fresh, polished and instantly recognizable.

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4. Wear Clothes You Find Comfortable
Looking elegant and feeling comfortable in your business outfits are not mutually exclusive. In fact, if you feel confined and restricted in your clothes it will negatively affect your day whereas feeling comfortable goes a long way toward feeling confident and put together.

Comfort is all about fit, sizing and fabric.

We all know that clothes that are too small or too tight aren’t comfortable. Neither are the baggy ones which swamp your silhouette and make you look bigger and older. Consequently, you should never compromise on fit and sizing.

When it comes to dressing immaculately and feeling comfortable, quality fabrics make all of the difference. If something feels rough to the touch it is not going to feel comfortable on your body. Or, if something wrinkles when you squeeze it, you cannot expect any better from it when you wear it.

Finding the perfect fits and fabrics is, of course, a process but it is one worth undertaking for the ultimate goal of feeling comfortable, happy with how you look and confident.

5. Keep Your Professional Wardrobe Classic
When dressing for success, follow the 70/30 rule. Or as Catherine Brock of Budget Fashionista put it:

“70 percent of your wardrobe should never go out of style. We’re talking classics like a dark pencil skirt, a black pair of pumps or a basic white button up that can be tucked into anything. The last 30 percent of your professional wardrobe can encompass some fun-try statement, but work appropriate jewlry, red pumps, or a trendy ruffled blouse.”

Trends come and go, but classic attire is everlasting. Wardrobe basics like the white shirt or navy blazer are a perfect contrast to exciting accessories and don’t make the outfit overloaded. They are ideal for creating everyday business outfits, which are elegant, refined and tasteful.

6. Accessorise
Accessories can help change up your looks and complete your outfits. It is recommendable to wear at least one accessory which can be anything from a beautiful watch, a necklace, a scarf or even a pair of earrings.

Accessories make the difference between a bland outfit and one that turns heads. They help set you apart and are the essence of true personal style. Additionally, they spark joy in your clothing and make your style more interesting.

7. Aim for Elegance
There’s a beautiful quote by Giorgio Armani: “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

Looking elegant in your clothes takes a fine eye, understanding what works for you and knowledge of the best places to shop.

Also, aiming for elegance entails avoiding anything that can be described as “too”. Too short, too tight, too old, and too flashy are all styles to avoid.

A Woman’s Guide to Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes while also serving as a fashion accessory. When the time comes to buy a fresh pair of sunglasses, how should a woman go about choosing a pair that offers the protection she needs while making her look good at the same time? Women must consider certain factors when purchasing new sunglasses.

UV Protection
Sunglasses function to protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light and reduce the risk of vision being damaged. In addition, the shades boost the wearer’s optical clarity when conditions are bright. People need to wear this protection when driving in bright weather, engaging in snow sports, or taking part in water activities. Look for glasses that offer 100 percent UV protection, as the UV rays emitted by the sun can bring about macular degeneration, cancer of the eye, and cataracts. Sunglasses purchased at Filly Flair help to protect the eyes from these issues and allow the woman to look great, whether she wears a fancy lace dress or a cute romper.

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UVA rays account for most UV radiation that makes it to Earth. They never vary in intensity, regardless of the time of year, and they remain significantly more prevalent than UVB rays. While they are less intense than UVB rays, research shows they contribute to photoaging and the development of skin cancer. In addition, these rays play a role in the development of cataracts in some people.

UVB rays, in contrast, remain the primary cause of cancer and sunburns, due in part to their intensity, and they can damage the eyes. While these rays vary in intensity depending on the season, they cause sunburns, skin damage, and harm to the eyes year-round. For instance, most people associate these rays with the dog days of summer and avoid spending time outside during the hours of 10 am and 4 pm when they are the most intense. They don’t take the same precautions when engaging in snow sports, not realizing snow amplifies the effects of the rays. They harm their eyes or their skin they if don’t use protection when outside during the winter months.

Frame Size
Once they determine the sunglasses offer the desired level of protection, women need to take frame size into consideration next. Face size plays a significant role in the frame size they should select. Small faces require small frames, but women must understand frame size means the actual fit of the glasses, not the coverage area. When comparing glasses, look for three numbers written consecutively, as these numbers provide information about the eye size, bridge size, and temple size.

The eye size refers to the horizontal measurement between the inside and the outside edge of one lens. Most lenses come in widths of 40-62 mm. The bridge number provides information on the distance between the two lenses, with typical widths ranging from 14 to 24 mm. Finally, the temple size tells the consumer how long the arm or earpiece is, and typical lengths run from 120 to 150 mm.

Frame Material
The frame material influences the wearer’s satisfaction with the glasses. The right frame material ensures the glasses are safe, comfortable, and functional. Each material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages women must be aware of.
Metal frames remain common in sunglasses, as metal resists corrosion, is malleable, and can easily be adjusted. This ensures manufacturers can make frames to fit many face shapes. However, metal frames cost more, they don’t last as long as frames made from other materials, and people shouldn’t wear them when engaging in contact sports.

Athletes and those who engage in performance activities need to consider investing in nylon frame sunglasses. They resist stress from temperature fluctuations and are very flexible while still providing the stiffness needed for safety reasons. These frames are reasonably priced, they are lightweight and won’t interfere with sports performance, and they are stronger than metal frame sunglasses.

Higher-end sunglasses often come with titanium frames, which are scratch-resistant, durable, and more expensive than several other options. Plastic frames come in polyurethane, acrylic, and many other materials. They are the cheapest sunglasses offered today and are great for those who frequently lose their sunglasses or don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Frames made of acetate share many characteristics with plastic frames, but are stronger and more flexible. In addition, they are lighter, which many prefer. Consumers find they have a range of colors and textures to choose from, and the color comes embedded in the material, which means the glasses look better longer.

Finally, individuals wanting to impact resistant sunglasses turn to polycarbonate frames. Safety and sports glasses come in polycarbonate, as the plastic is tough and versatile. Nevertheless, these frames lack flexibility and are very rigid.

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Lens Material
Women looking to purchase sunglasses need to compare the different lens materials available today to discover the one most appropriate for their needs. Optical glass lenses provide distortion-free vision as the lenses are ground and polished to precise standards. These lenses resist scratches and are very durable. Nevertheless, expect to pay more for lenses of this type with the knowledge any impact to the lens could lead it to spider or break. This concerns those women who wish to wear sunglasses while playing a sport or engaging in physical activity.

Acrylic sunglasses lenses help keep the price of glasses down for the average consumer. Fashion and casual sunglasses typically come with these lenses, although some make use of another lens material. Acrylic lenses hold up with time, and wearers don’t have to sacrifice optical clarity to get sunglasses at a great price.

Active people and athletes need to invest in polycarbonate plastic lenses. Virtually indestructible, these lenses come from a material similar to that used in aircraft windshields. The light and scratch-resistant material provide optical clarity while being significantly more impact resistant than optical glass. Distortion is never an issue with these lenses either.

Finally, consider NXT polyurethane lenses for your sunglasses if you want the benefit of optical glass combined with the performance capabilities of polycarbonate. Consumers pay more for these benefits, and quite a few ladies state they are worth the additional funds. The Trivex used to make the lenses offer outstanding optical clarity and yet the lenses are extremely lightweight.

Take the above into consideration when you go to purchase your next sunglasses. Although women want to look their best at all times, protection from the sun must remain the top priority when purchasing this accessory. Ladies who take all factors into consideration when making a purchase find they get sunglasses they love and want to wear daily while protecting their vision at the same time.

How Do You Pair Tunics Tops?

Exploring the wide range of dressing modes that can be used on various occasions, tunic tops presents an everyday casual look and can fit in almost every occasion. This provides the best collection of dresses that every lady must have and always look attractive.

Appearance is of great concern with shaping personality and matching outfits is its greatest contributor. How can I look approachable? This is a question that hits everyone’s mind while choosing the type of dress to wear. Tunic tops and shirts are a good choice for many but the concern is how do you pair tunic tops with leggings? Do you go for short sleeve tunic tops or long sleeve tunic tops or midi dresses with long sleeves? Do you opt for extra long tunic tops or fairly long tunic tops?

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This does not need to be a difficult task as I have prepared a variety of wonderful choices for you.

Tunic tops for leggings
To create a flattering silhouette, the tunic top should take up about 2/3 of your outfit and the leggings should take up 1/3. You should try to fix your outfit close to that ratio but you do not have to perfect it. All you need is to play with the proportion to create a more flattering look which you will often approve in your mirror. Always trust your instincts with tunic shirts and tops in the mirror. Shorter women have a better look when they put on shorter tunics and dresses. For taller women, extra-long tunic tops for leggings give the gleaming look they desire.

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Learn from the rule of thirds
This is a style that creates a flattering outfit that is always in balance with your body shape. You can try a wide short dress that rests halfway on your upper legs. You then pair it with some jeans, sandals and a hat.

Short-sleeve tunic tops are ideal for skinny leggings but with the rule of thirds, a wider long sleeve women’s tunic top over a wider pant works very well. The outfit is very well balanced with the long sleeve tunic top taking 2/3 of the outfit and the pants occupying 1/3.

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Which women’s tunic to wear with leggings to choose?
There are really no fast or hard rules when it comes to selecting tunics for leggings. Leggings are thicker than tights and are therefore warm and nice. Skin-tight leggings will often end at your mid-calf or ankle. They do not need any fastening since they are stretchy. You can have a choice between a loose tunic style and a style that highlights your waist by adding a belt. You can also try extra-long tunic tops with leggings and create a good balance within your outfit. Asymmetrical tops also fit very well.

If you are to opt for short tops for leggings then the pants have to be tight. With an extra-long tunic to wear with leggings and no other choice, you can try being a bit more creative by tying a knot but keeping in mind the rule of thirds and a perfect silhouette. Do not forget to match it with contemporary statement jewelry.

Which tunic styles and patterns do I choose?
The trick is to play different legging patterns with tunic styles. You can choose a solid-colored tunic and pair it with your favorite animal print leggings. The pieces will not compete with one another. You can also try a flowy tunic with leggings that resembles a dress and step into flat knee-high boots. A lean tunic shirt with leggings will also fit very well.

You can also go for a vice versa approach and choose your favorite animal print tunic for plain leggings. An extra-long short-sleeve tunic top for leggings with this style gives a cool charming look for any woman. For the long tops to wear with leggings, go for the original style of solid color tunic top with patterned leggings.

You can always have a try of different tunic top styles. Short-sleeve tunic tops with a v neck produce a good look. Long sleeve women’s tunic tops will go along with round neck button side T-shirts. A long sleeve tunic top will also come with a crew neck. Another great style for long sleeve tunic top is a spaghetti strap button tunic for summer. They all deliver perfect match tunic tops whether plain or printed.
Choose also midi dresses with long sleeves

Can I layer up?
This will allow you to transition your outfit from one season to the next. You do not have to stop wearing your favorite extra long short sleeve tunic top just because it is cold outside. Wear a cardigan on top and spice it up with a long scarf. With short sleeve tunic tops for leggings, put on a pullover sweater and allow the bottom layer to peek out underneath.

Finally, arguably the best match after bread and butter, tunic tops are the modest dressing form during all seasons. It comes with a variety of styles and it gives no headache on the choice to be made. Try different styles and earn your satisfaction in the mirror.

What Might Be Next In The Economy?

Since, we don’t have a crystal ball, it is impossible to predict, accurately, the future! This is especially true, when, it comes to economic issues, including investment, real estate, interest rates, inflationary pressures, government actions, international factors, etc. What are the ramifications of inflation, recession, interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank decisions, etc? How can one, hedge – his – bet, in order to minimize unnecessary risks, while receiving a quality return, also? There is no simple answer, because so many factors, have significant influences. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine and review potential factors, in order to help readers, have a more – complete understanding of the possibilities.

1) Interest rates: We have experienced a prolonged period of historically – low – interest rates. This has created easy money, because the cost of borrowing is so low. Both individuals and corporations have benefited, at least, in the immediate- term, permitting home buyers to purchase more house, because their monthly charges, are low, due to low mortgage rates. Corporate and government bonds, and banks, have paid low returns. It has stemmed, inflation, and created a rise in home prices, we haven’t witnessed, in recent memory. The Federal Reserve Bank has signaled they will be ending this propping – up, and will also raise rates, probably three times, in 2022. What do you think that will cause.

2) Auto loans, consumer loans, borrowing: The auto industry has been, significantly, impacted by supply chain challenges. When rates rise, auto loans and leases, will be more costly.

3) THis pattern began after the Tax Reform legislation, passed at the end of 2017, which created the initial, new, trillion dollars deficits

4) Government spending, caused by the financial suffering and challenges, because of shut downs, etc, because of the pandemic, created trillions more in debt. Unfortunately, debt must be eventually addressed.

5) Perception and attitude: The past couple of years,apparently, created a public perception, plus many fears, with a crippling economic impact.

Either, we begin to plan, effectively, and with common sense and an open – mind, many will be at – risk. Wake up, America, and demand better leadership, service and representation.

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